Mar 222020
German channels going HD only in 2021 A number of German channels broadcast on Astra 1 at 19 east will be closing down their standard definition (SD) channels and will only be available in high definition (HD) only. This will be happening in January 2021. Channel affected by this are : Das Erste, tagesschau24, ONE [...]
Mar 202020
Six Nations Rugby could go behind TV paywall from 2022??? The UK government has rejected the chance to ensure the Six Nations remains only on free-to-air TV by turning down a call to include the tournament as a category A-listed sporting event. Current category A events, which must have live coverage made available to free-to-air [...]
Mar 142020
Set up and review of the new Arris Freesat UHD-X 4K satellite receiver In a previous post we unboxed the latest Freesat box offering from Arris. ( ) Now we show you the on screen set up process, and a few points that we found when setting it up. This is the “non recording” [...]
Mar 082020
Spanish TV Changes in 2020 Spanish TV received via a TV aerial is changing in 2020. This is because the Spanish TV broadcasters will have to relinquish frequencies in the 694-790 MHz UHF band. The spectrum between 694 and 790 MHz, the so-called 700 MHz, has been auctioned to mobile broadband operators to facilitate the [...]
Mar 012020
Temporary Loss of UK satellite TV signals in the morning? Dont worry, it is just the biannual solar outage time It is that time of year again when the Sun / Solar Outage can affect the power of satellite signals your satellite dish is receiving, resulting in a loss of some of the more weaker [...]
Feb 292020
FA Cup TV coverage this week. This week sees the fifth round of the FA Cup. With matches on both BBC and BT Sport. On Monday, BT Sports will show Portsmouth v Arsenal On Tuesday BBC One will show Chelsea v Liverpool. On Wednesday BBC One will show Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester City On Thursday [...]
Feb 292020
Sky TV Price Rise on 1st April 2020 Sky TV packages will be having their usual price increase on the 1st April 2020. This follows BT Sports price increase earlier in the year. The basic entry Sky Entertainment pack will increase by £2 per month. The Sky HD pack will increase by £1 per month. [...]
Feb 292020
Intelsat 907 / 901 update at 27.5 West For more information on the service provided by I907 at 27.t west, please see here : We know that the Intelsat 907 satellite used at 27.5 west is low on fuel, and needs replacing. We know that there is a plan to replace this I907 satellite, [...]