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Choosing a Satellite TV Installer in Spain


Choosing a Satellite TV Installer in Spain

Finding a satellite installer in Spain should not be such a problem, but choosing the right satellite installer can be.

A good reputable satellite installer will:
– have both a landline and mobile telephone number
– have a website where you can see their contact details, and what products they offer
– have testimonials available from past clients
– will offer you various payment methods, including credit and debit cards.
– will be able to offer a proper factura / receipt and guarantee for the work.
– will offer you a vary range of products and services
– will be up front about what is legal and illegal
– will have Personal Liability Insurance


A poor satellite installer will:
– operate only using a mobile phone number
– operating using a free email address like Hotmail or Gmail
– only operate using social media – bombarding Facebook groups with adverts and irrelvant comments
– will probably have skills in many services like air conditioning, building, gardening, painting or sell garden decorations and lights
– will have no website or any ways of seeing what products they offer or at what prices
– will not offer you the option to pay by credit or debit cards, preferring “cash only” payment, meaning they are probably operating legally or not declaring their income to the tax authorities.
– will not have any insurance of any kind
– turn up in a car, rather than a commercial van

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