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UK Pay TV in Spain


UK Pay TV in Spain

In Spain, you can receive and watch non-subscription and subscription UK TV channels.

No subscription is required for the main UK TV channels, including BBC ITV Channel Four and Channel Five. But for pay tv channels like Sly One, Atlantic, Dave, Discovery, National Geographic, then a viewing card and a subscription is required.

The majority of the UK TV pay channels are available across most of mainland Spain using a “small” satellite dish. A satellite dish measuring 100x110cm should be easily capable of receiving the Sky pay channels signals across most of Spain.

Due to contractual and broadcasting contracts, UK TV viewing cards are only available in the UK and ROI, as the UK broadcasters only hold the broadcast rights for their channels for the UK.

The use of a UK TV viewing card in Spain may be a breach of the terms and conditions of the contract. However, according to a EU Court judgement, under the freedom of movement of goods and services directives, it is not illegal to use a viewing card from one EU country in another EU country for a private residence. Although using the viewing card in a commercial or public premises in Spain may be in breach of contract.



For information on UK TV Satellite Installers for the Costa Blanca and Valencia area of Spain, click here

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