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Mag Box Help Tutorial : How to Record onto USB Stick


Mag Box Help Tutorial : How to Record onto USB Stick

You can record and download your programmes from your MAG box to a USB stick drive.

Connect any USB storage device such as a USB Stick / Pen Drive or an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) into the USB port on your MAG IPTV box.

Once connected you will be able to access the RECORD and DOWNLOAD functions of your set-top box.

(Note that not all IPTV providers activate this function)

To record live TV, when watching a channels, press the record button (black button with red dot) to start recording to your USB drive.

You can also download from Catch Up onto your USB drive. In the Catch Up Screen, press the Yellow Button to download that selected programme.

You can also choose to download a future programme once it becomes available.

To watch your recorded content, go to your MAIN MENU on your MAG box, and scroll left or right until you get to USB MEDIA, and press OK. Choose your storage device from the list shown. Your recordings will then be listed, and you can press OK to watch the one you want!