UK TV in Spain

UK TV in Spain

UK TV is still available to many areas of Spain by satellite, either by Freesat or Sky TV. However, with the recent changes, where the old Astra 2 satellites were replaced with new Astra 2 satellites, some areas of Spain have found their reception of UK TV in Spain by satellite has been reduced, as the satellite signals are much weaker then they used to be.

For some areas of Spain, like the Valencia and Costa Blanca areas, UK Satellite TV reception has never been as good as it is now. For other areas of Spain, installing a larger satellite dish may help in receiving those “lost” UK TV channels. But for some areas of Spain, like Costa del Sol and Malaga, people have had to resort to alternate methods of receiving and watching their UK TV channels.

The main alternate method of receiving UK TV in Spain is via the internet and IPTV and Internet streams. There are subscription free IPTV services such as FILMON and Android TV Boxes, or subscription based services such as MAG250 IPTV boxes.

Another method of receiving UK TV using the internet is by using a UK TV Router and UK VPN service to access the online catchup services like BBC Iplayer, ITVPlayer,All4, Demand Five, .

There is also a satellite alternative, called BBC SatBack transmitted from the Intelsat 907 satellites at 27.5 west, which does require illegally hacking in to an encrypted satellite feeds using Key Codes found on the internet.

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