IPTV Package Orders and Renewals


IPTV Package Orders and Renewals

Our IPTV services are currently only available on the MAG range of IPTV Boxes.

If you already have a MAG IPTV Box, then simply choose your package from the package list, and then pay via Paypal.

Remember to provide your MAG Boxes MAC address when ordering.

Once we receive your payment, we shall send you details as to how to add our service to your MAG IPTV box.

Before clicking on the PAY option, please make sure you have access to the Portal URL screen on your MAG IPTV box. To check this you need to follow these simple instructions HERE:

This is checked by your IP address.
Your IP Address is : – click HERE to check the location of this IP Address.

NOTE : These packages are different to the Package 1 UK TV Lite, Package 2 UK TV Standard and Package 3 UK TV Full IPTV Packages that were previously offered on this page. To renew a subscription to our Package 1 UK TV Lite, Package 2 UK TV Standard and Package 3 UK TV Full IPTV Packages, please click HERE


Christmas 2017 Renewals

Renewals received between the 24th and 29th December 2017 will not be processed until the 30th December 2017.
If your renewal is between these dates, to ensure your service is not disrupted, please pay on or before the 23rd December 2017.


Mag Box IPTV Subscriptions

Select your IPTV package and input your MAG MAC Address
Input the MAG MAC Address here





Android Box Subscriptions

More information on our IPTV for Android service HERE

Select your IPTV package for your Android Device


By clicking on the PAY NOW button you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

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